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SOLD - Complete Towing and Brake System


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Selling complete towing system used for towing a Jeep Wrangler with Motorhome.this is a great opportunity for someone looking to do the same or similar at a significant savings. All items were purchased new Sept. 2014 and used for one round trip to Denver from Houston where the system performed flawlessly and convenient.

$425.00 1 x Blue Ox Alpha 6,500 lb Tow Bar (Ideal for cars and light suv's)
$150.00 1 x Blue Ox Off Road Adapter 7/8 Inch
$150.00 1 x Blue OX Off Road Adapter 1 inch
$60.00 1 x Demco Towed Connector For Jeep Wrangler 07-14
$45.00 1 x Blue Ox 7-wire to 6-wire Coiled Electrical Cable
$70.00 1 x Roadmaster 048-10 10"Hi-Lo Receiver 10,000lb cap

$750.00 1 x RViBrake System - Complete

A note on the off road adapters: these were used in place of the standard bolt on mounting normally installed on a tow vehicle and instead utilized the D-Ring mount locations on the front aftermarket bumper of the Jeep. They are manufactured by Blue Ox and generally would only need one size but I mistakenly ordered wrong size originally and never got around to returning the one not used.

Available local to Houston, Tx Items are available individually or make an offer on the whole system - either way a very nice savings compared to buying new.


jeepnrver at gmail.com



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