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Truck & travel trailer combination for sale!.... SOLD.....

Kirk W

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I am selling a truck and travel trailer for a good friend. We would prefer to sell the two as a pair but would consider braking them up if the trailer sells first.


Truck is a 2005 GMC Duramax 2500 HD it has 108,000 miles on it. It is a four door model with leather seats with heated driver and passenger seats The 6.5ft bed has a hard cover and the bed has a bed rug (rug on sides, top plus the bed and tail gate. This year diesel does not have to have all the emission stuff.


Travel trailer is 2012, Zinger ZT-270-RL and is 28' long with one slide.

Extras include:

1. 15000 BTU AC instead of a 13.500

2. an 8 CF frig instead of a 6CF frig

3. upgraded insulation

4. insulated enclosed underbelly

5. electric toung jack

6. Hitch with ezlift kit plus anti-sway bar


Owner wants $33,000 for the pair, or would take $22,000 for the truck and $15,000 for the trailer if separated.






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It is. Dave is the second owner and he has never used the trailer. The first owner was a cabinet maker and he added some nice features to it but only used it for one trip. He sold both due to a stroke, then then Dave chose to order a motorized RV in place of them. The truck is very difficult to find any indication of wear either.


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Do you have any pics of the truck inside, and maintenance records.


Pictures of the inside, engine compartment, etc. I can get anything you would like quite easily if you wish to send me a PM with your email address. The maintenance record I'll have to look into. I can tell you the recent history but not the first owner. The second owner was my next door neighbor who was down sizing from a medium duty truck and fiver.


Tom was a meticulous maintenance person and researcher and he spent several months in locating this truck from somewhere in the Dallas area. He then had it gone over at a shop and also detailed, then brought it home and bought the Zinger which he added features to as a cabinet maker. Tom then took two short trips with the outfit and then one longer one of a couple of months, but then suffered a stroke shortly after returning and so parked the two inside of their RV port, next door to me. Tom drove the pair less than 10,000 miles. Because Tom never fully recovered he sold the pair to another of our neighbors (the present owner) and Tom & wife then moved away to be closer to their kids and stopped traveling. The new buyer was Dave who presently owns them. Dave is still working and lives and works in Alaska but has a home here that they use as a holiday retreat and he keeps an RV here as well. Dave bought the two and stored them in his RV port a couple of blocks away and in the year that he has owned them the truck has been driven just under 1000 miles and it was fully serviced one time, when Dave was here last summer. Since that time it has been stored inside the port and with a cover on, and battery cables lifted. At Dave's request I uncovered it, started it up and drove it a few miles and then took those pictures. It is now for sale because Dave & wife have decided that a class B will better serve their needs while spending time in this area retreating from the Alaska back country. They live and work in a remote part of the state that is fly in and out, or boat access in summer.


If you are interested I'd be more than happy to put you in touch with Dave as well. Best way would be to send a private message with your email.

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