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IPv6: The smart person's guide


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OK folks, this is another gem of an article from TechRepublic teaching us all we ever wanted to know about IPv6, but were afraid to ask. This affects us all and the Internet. I am excerpting the executive summary. The article covers each of those bullets in easy to understand terms and illustrations.




"This resource guide covers everything you need to know about IPv6, including why it matters, why it is complicated, and what you need to do now.


Executive summary
•What it is:
IPv6 or Internet Protocol version 6 is an address system not unlike addresses used to identify homes and buildings. IPv4 and IPv6 protocols define how addresses associated with networked (internet or otherwise) digital devices are created.
•Why it matters: The IPv4 numbering system will soon run out of addresses. Even more important, the internet will run better on IPv6.
•When this is happening: Now, though the transition is slow going.
•Who this affects: Everyone — from consumers at home to employees of huge enterprise organizations — as long as internet access is required.
•What individuals need to do: Visit one of the numerous websites that test whether your network connection is running IPv4, IPv6, or both.
•Will IPv6 addresses run out like IPv4? There are brave souls who say it is impossible to use all 340 undecillion IPv6 addresses. I remember a similar statement being made back in 1981 when IPv4 was ratified.
•What happened to IPv5? IPv5 or Internet Streaming Protocol never became ratified. IPv5 defines an experimental real-time streaming protocol that was eventually melded into Asynchronous Transfer Mode protocols. IPv5 was not used to avoid confusion, hence IPv6."


The whole article that explains each bullet above is here: http://www.techrepublic.com/article/ipv6-the-smart-persons-guide/?tag=nl.e101&s_cid=e101&ttag=e101&ftag=TRE684d531



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