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East Coast Rally T-Shirts


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I am awaiting the final artwork from the screen printer for the ECR T-Shirts. Will be posting a rally registration form soon and a space will be available to purchase the shirts. You will be able to purchase either a short sleeved t, long sleeved t, or sweat shirt. Final pricing per shirt will be on the registration form. Please understand the t's are not part of the rally registration fee of $25 per rig (not per person) and this fee covers other expenses associated with the rally. Finally, we do need a minimum order of 20 to make it viable. Once the registration form is posted all t-shirt orders must be finalized and paid for by March 7 in order to be available at the rally. There will NOT be any available for sale at the rally.

Looking forward to April.

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To all wanting a shirt. Just a reminder, I will be posting a registration form for the rally in the next few days. Just working with David Dixon as to the location- will probably be on the ECR website rather than in the forum and that link will be provided. I don't really want my name, address, phone number, etc. splashed all over the internet so would limit it somewhat like the National website does. Anyway, the registration form will have a place to order the shirts with costs. I have to prepay for the shirts prior to printing so will need all the orders pre-paid with the registration fee and sheet returned to me. I will repeat also, the last day to order will be March 7 to have them available by the rally. I do not foresee having any available at the rally FOR SALE. So if you know someone that rarely reads the forum but intends to come to the ECR and is wanting a shirt, forward this post to them. I am trying to mimic the National Rally registration as much as possible so that I can better organize.

Just to repeat one more time. Don't expect to come to the rally and expect to have a shirt waiting for you UNLESS you sent me a registration form with the rally fee and your shirt order pre-paid. Sorry to be so hard nosed, but every year I have someone, who says info was never posted or they didn't know they were supposed to reserve with the campground or something else and it really makes our job much harder. We try to accommodate as best we can.

Thank you to all who plan to attend and have responded. Hopefully, we will have a good turnout and a fun time. By the way, this post is not directed at anyone who has posted above as I know each of them was responding to getting to the minimum order.

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