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Can this be fixed or just replaced?

Brad & Jacolyn

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Hi guys,

I'm still having the air leak in the fuel system causing hard starting and white smoke. Some of you know about it already. In another post I asked about service in FL. that is not listed in the resource guide. I got one name and a couple suggestions. Thanks. When I went back looking again I found what I'm showing in the picture. Is this a replace the fuel lines problem OR can a clamp of some type be put on the lines and stop any air leak? I found 3 - 4 collars like the one shown in the same condition on the fuel lines. Thanks.





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Fuel lines swell over time on the inside also breakdown on the inside causing all kinds of problems.

If it's at a point that the collet is cracking like that I would definitely replace the entire line. And take a good look at the rest of your lines if you don't know how long they been on the truck generally over a half 1,000,000 miles you need to start thinking about replacing them. IMO

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I agree with Bronco. I don't know what the "real" lifetime of the fuel lines are - I would expect it relates to the quality of the line. But I DO know that they degrade and can cause issues. And since you have issues I'd start to replace the lines that look real bad, over time. Rather than attempt any repair that is more than temporary. That is the philosophy I apply to my truck, anyways.....

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Maybe time to replace line as there could be a problem with the fitting. Trying to get old crimp off to recrimp would be apita. You most likely need to take that end off to fix crimp so just take the other end off while you are at it.

With the age of vehicle I think is time to replace the fuel line.



Safe Travels, Vern

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If you were broken down somewhere, then the clamp fix, or anything else that would work temporarily would be acceptable. Sounds like you're OK for the moment, so I'd recommend a replacement.


The collet that you see split is installed with a crimping machine. Hand applied clamps will work but generally don't develop sufficient clamping pressure to serve as a permanent fix. Most Napa stores or any other parts house that makes hydraulic hoses could make that hose up in a few minutes. Just be sure that they understand that it is a fuel hose...it matters. Check for Metric vs SAE fittings. And be sure one end has a swivel fitting so you can actually install the dern thing


Good luck


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What Paul said is correct.

I was stranded on the side of the road last year with a hole in a fuel line. I was able to use some hydraulic hose from Napa to get me by until I could get home and replace it. If I remember right, the OE hose (From Freightliner) was like $30. It was about 3 feet long too. Mine has the re-useable "aero-quip" style ends, which I was lucky to have had, since the Napa did not have the correct crimp on fittings.

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Yea, those are the fancy Voss fuel fittings so they'll be Volvo hoses. Your standard Parker store isn't going to be able to make them up. If you have the time and a good fitting man you could yard it all out and replace with 45 flare that would use a normal aramid hose and fittings but I'm not sure it is worth it. All depends on your goals I guess.

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