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Wheelwell repair...


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No question you've got to get all the dry rot out.. hopefully there is no secondary mold issue. A photo of the area might help for us to offer some suggestions. King starboard might be an option as well. It's lighter than marine ply and can be shaped with heat but it won't take any adhesives or caulk so might not be suitable.

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I know this may not be the best solution. But if the rot is not extensive, or much material missing, consider "Git-Rot". It's for boats, and it is a penetrating resin that will solidify a rotted area. On boat decks, we drill a shotgun pattern into (but not thru) the rotted area, and inject it with a resin syringe (again, boat stuff).

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The Rot Fix is a good product, I used it last Summer on a rot issue in my bedroom slide. It's a 2 part material that you can brush on. Once the rot has been removed. As I recall it will stop the rot but can't recall the wording. If the wood is black but dry, you can cover it over with the Git Rot. They also have a putty like product you can build gaps out to original specs or as close as you can get.


To get the rotten material out, I used a Multitool with a narrow blade. The oscillating blade will remove the rot, just drag it along the surface. Something like a bulldozer backblading a road surface.


I also used the syringe or needle to inject into tuff to reach areas. Put tape over the hole if it is upside down and poke plastic needle thru and inject. Tape will keep goop in the hole.


Off cuts of pressure treated plywood may be available from HD or Lowes.


Make sure you remove run of material before it sets up it is nearly impossible to remove from fibreglass or metal.



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