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Visit to the ET FL HQ


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Just spent the day with the famous "Old Goat" , his Lovly Bride, and his trusty sidekick Tommy. Tommy actually keeps the Old Goat moving in the right direction!?


Was a great day getting the hitch swapped out as part of the upgrade program. They even let me play!???


I can't get pics to load maybe someone that was there can manage. ?

Well worth the visit! Highly recommend this program.

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The Old Goat and his sidekick Tommy certainly enjoyed having Bill R around.


You see, folks like Bill with his A&P license and aircraft service background are "useful" to have around. Once we handed Bill breaker bar and a four foot pipe to "maximize" socket torque, those balky 5/8 bolts had no chance.


Another Volvo (with Canadian pedigree) visiting Paradise.



Refurbished and upgraded ET in place of the "original".



The Binkley head was in very good shape and it was transferred from the "original", hence the "un-painted" look

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Paradise living requires significant "adjustments".

First, one needs to be able to relax and "slow down". A concept that stressed northerners don't understand. No, you don't have to worry whether tank of oil will run out, or is three cords of wood enough to run the fireplace for the winter.

No, you don't commute home in total darkness, sunset in early December 5:30PM on account that Paradise is that much closer to the equator and southern hemisphere.

No, there is no chance of commuting for three hours in snow or snow and sleet, there is none of it down here.

It's OK to postpone doing something till tomorrow, tomorrow will be another nice (and long) day, guaranteed. And you will also have several more "useful" months to do things in the winter, guaranteed. That's the part that the northerners have the hardest part to understand and get used to. Took me two years.

You get better appreciation for the nature, it's all around you.




It comes for visits.



It "tolerates" your presence. sometime.







My cousin is down here for the winter with an idea to resettle in Paradise.

He is adjusting very well to the new lifestyle, but I have to say that his dog has already got it, completely.


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