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What is your Ride-Height?


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Not sure just what you are asking, how tall or how much ground clearance?


Our height was 12' 6" with the suspension aired up, dumping hitch and trailer suspension bags got us down to 12' 2".


Ground clearance is a lot trickier subject as it depends not only on the static ground clearance but on the location of the hitch on the truck and the fiver's axle locations. We had our hitch mounted a couple feet behind the axle and our fiver had the wheels (triple axle) mounted well behind the center of the fiver. That almost eliminated the rear end dragging, I can't recall it hitting anything. However we had to pay careful attention to dragging the landing legs when going over humps like railroad tracks with short steep approaches.

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Don't buy one like ours!


We are the odd balls with a 5th wheel cargo trailer that has living quarters in it. It is a Vintage Brand and at 44' long and only 12" on clearance at the side walls, less at the door steps, drain pipes, front jacks and rear drag wheels, we drag bottom all the time in any kind of drips or uneven ground. Low trailer and long overhangs do not work good off road. We have skid bars under the drain pipes and door steps that were added by the previous owner. They were dirt bike racers and took the trailer off road.


We have been on our rear casters with all 3 axles off the ground going into one campground on our way to New Orleans. They had gravel near the highway with the highway higher than the bottom of their driveway and changed to asphalt going up and cresting a hill. We left two long marks in their gravel driveway on the way in and then more marks when our skid bars by our drain pipes dragged at the top of the hill. Heading back out was about the same. We ruined a set of rear casters that day from the gravel. Replaced the 3" casters with 5" rollers which have been great but of course we use them more since they hang down lower.


Previous owners caught the front center jack and bent it back. After using it like that for a couple of years we noticed at the ECR rally that the trailer was swaying back and forth after unhitching and found the jack was causing it. We then straightened the jack out and added reinforcement on the frame to keep it up right. So far know more issues.


We do have some adjustment with the air ride hitch but it does not help a lot and has to be manually adjusted.



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