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Hwy 9


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Have any of you fellow travelers driven on Hwy 9 from El Paso, TX to Columbus, NM? We drive a 40' MH and it looks pretty small but doable. What do you think?


It would be just fine in your rig. It's fairly heavily relied on by the locals and pretty well maintained. You shouldn't have any issues. I will say.. it's a little confusing trying to pick up the 9 from El Paso if you're coming off I-10. I don't think it turns in to I-9 (coming from El Paso) until a bit after the airport near the Luna County line. There are a couple of road changes between there though. I generally just follow directions to the Santa Teresa airport. Once you're past the airport entrance just stay on paved road that will jag South for a bit (136?) and take a right onto 9 heading West.


I'll also say... make sure you check your tanks before heading out of El Paso. It's not that far to Columbus, but it is completely desolate along the way. Beautiful scenery, but don't count on local services en route.


~ Enjoy!

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I drive Hwy 9 at least once a year, but on my Harley not my RV. My winter ranch is about 20 miles north of hwy 9, and 20 miles SE of Deming. I do a loop from Deming to Las Cruces, south to Santa Teresa, west on 9 to Columbus and north on 11 back to Deming. From El Paso you'll get to 9 by going about 8 miles north on 10 into NM, to the 178/136 Santa Teresa exit. Just after the Santa Teresa (Donna Ana County) Airport the 136 road turns south towards the border crossing. Hwy 9 will be the next paved right turn. Its good 2 lane blacktop road, mostly straight and mostly level, but absolutely nothing out there until you hit Columbus. I often ride my ATV from the ranch down to hwy 9 or into Columbus and rarely see another person or vehicle all day. That area is mostly sage brush, coyotes, rattlers and a few Border Patrol vehicles. Even the illegals have avoided that section and moved further west toward the NM/AZ border. At least during the winter when I'm down here, Hwy 9 is a good candidate for "the loneliest hwy in America".

My only cautions would be, watch the wind forecast, we can get some pretty strong afternoon winds occasionally; and watch for sections where loose sand has been blown onto the roadway in drifts up to a foot deep.



Have any of you fellow travelers driven on Hwy 9 from El Paso, TX to Columbus, NM? We drive a 40' MH and it looks pretty small but doable. What do you think?

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