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Newbie Hitch Height Question


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Hi All,

I have been lurking around the forum soaking up as much knowledge as I can. I recently purchased a 2010 vnl 630 with a D13 and I-shift. The truck is still a tandem and for the time being I am NOT going to single it. I have used the resource guide and multiple posts to determine that the OPTIMUM hitch height is 45-47 inches. I have also paged through everyone's pictures of their beds and I noticed that some trucks have the hitch recessed between the frame rails and just as many are mounted on top of the rails. My question is: if the hitch height is so critical to be in that range, how are the hitches mounted on top the rails working? That would put the height at 50 plus wouldn't it? Looks like my choices are to remove the taillight panel and extend the plate out the back or bolt to a top plate across the rails. I should mention that I haven't purchased my fifth wheel yet. I assume that the hitch box would be adjustable enough to end up level? Thanks for help. I know this has been asked before and to be clear, I have read everything in the resource guide.

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You may be able to raise the 5er plate to 50" and keep it level....and then again you may not be able to. It depends on the 5er. The best advise is to mount your truck hitch plate to be at 47" unless you have a specific circumstance that dictates otherwise. You can vary that a little, but whne you get into larger variations you start to have "issues".

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"Standard HDT frame rail height is 40", "standard" 5th wheel height is 47. Air suspension and air hitches are the variables to some extent. The hitch would be installed at the proper height for YOUR coach.

Commercial (non) air hitches are only approximately 7 inches high therefore things work just fine on top of commercial truck frame at 40 inches from the ground. RV air hitches range from 10 to 15 inches high to accommodate the air bags in their designs. So typically they have to be mounted below the tops of the rails to end up at the 47 inches high from the ground.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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