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Problem with Win 10 update

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Not to hijack another thread about problems with updates, to which I replied that I have kept my system up to date. So I thought I'd make sure.


Went to Settings > Update, and was informed that the last system update was 9/25/2015. So I thought I better check for any available updates. But the system just says "Checking for updates" and stays that way for well over 30 minutes before I killed the process. I rebooted to clear anything in RAM etc., same results. And again.


So it would appear that my system is not updating because the search for updates hangs up. Googled but wasn't able to find a solution, short up uninstalling and re-installing. Must be a different way. Any suggestions?


== John

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It's a big download - a full operating system and over 3Gig so the download will take a long time. This update is being discussed in this thread.

On my Apple MacBook Pro, you can check for updates and it will tell you if there are any, and how big they are. I had thought this would be the same, but you are sugesting that the very act of checking for updates also initiates the download? I'm on a reasonably fast internet and let it run for maybe an hour or two.


Heading up to my other daughter's (not the one in Europe) today and she has really fast Internet so I'll try again and let it run much longer.


Thanks for the reply

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W10 updates don't give you how many MB the updates are like the old W7. There was a big one this last week. On my slow 1.3 down limited data satellite Internet.

It took several hours over 3 days to do the update. I had to keep turning my modem off before I ran out of daily 425 MB. And also ran it over 3 1/2 hours during the free time.


The new update also installed some new apps that use a lot of data. And after download I had to turn all of those app tiles off or uninstall them.


I did take my laptop over to a friends house that has 50-75Mbs fast Internet and there it only took maybe 1 hour or so.


The update should show you a bar on how download is going. If you don't get that then no download has started.


Here is a lot of reading on your problem.


Here is another thread on this new update.

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