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Veterans Day: Discounts and Freebies


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Here is the listings of all the freebies and discounts this year, they say to check back daily as the list is updated as new info comes in.




Here are the restaurant offerings thus far, very extensive:



Veterans Day Military Discounts: Travel:



Veterans Day Military Discounts: Retailers:



Veterans Day Events:



Veterans Day: Giving Back to Those Served:



Thanks to all my fellow Guard Dogs who served a watch of their own. Welcome home.


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Nothing is wrong with the way you typed it but as far as I know it is free pie day at all Village Inns. I sometimes drive an 89 year old Vet to appointments and we try to get his appointments on Weds. so we can get free pie. My friend likes his pie. :)

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Just because you wrote it right doesn't always mean we read it right. :blink::) That is sometimes why we have interesting conversations on the forum. I.E. I am still sore at Stan for not being more explict in explaining what a "radio" knob is when helping me with a problem and for free. Of course I am still holding a grudge about the Cowboys moving out of the Cotton Bowl and now I'm really upset that they are in Arlington. I mostly blame all this on my medication and not my age. Sometimes just to be different I blame it on Agent Orange or my ex-wife. By the way Stan is forgiven because he told the story about flaming cat tails. How can I remember that and almost nothing about computers. It is all so confusing.

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Great article Gemstone. I especially agreed with this sentence in it:


“None of this makes you a soldier, Morgan; it’s being ready to do it while you hope you never have to that does it”...I think he nailed it."


I do too.

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:ph34r: You may or may not agree but when I got out in 1974; many were quick to call us "baby killers" even if one never seen combat or when you filled out an app for employment if you mentioned the years or Vietnam Veteran; you had a chance of a snowball not melting on a stove of getting the job. And the one I finally acquired after spending 8 months looking was just minimum wage!!!

I then gave up going to college as the VA educational benefits did not amount to the expenses! It took me until I was 41 yrs. old to finish a BA degree and I still owe my soul to loans. If a business wants to give away some perks to us Veterans; I will say to all: "Go For It". :P:P

Oh and by the way I never swore off my oath to defend my Country from enemies; foreign and domestic! Yeah I will also go active duty again if enemies try to destroy this country and its citizens. i don't like war either; but I love my freedom or what is left of it. :D:D

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Yes I did go to the link to the wiki on Sgt 1st Class Melvin Morris. Quite a guy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melvin_Morris



I remember those days during and post Vietnam era. I had a better go of it using my GI Bill in 82-86 but still had to get back in as they were about to close all prior service accessions. That was the plan, to get a commission. But the night school slowed me down and my first BS came the same month as my 35th B'Day. Too old to get into OTS. Oh Well I finished a great career and ended up with several BS', and Associate of Science Degree from CCAF, and 3/4ths of a Masters Degree. I came in in 1971 and on retirement went straight into 7 years of fulltime RVing and was relieved of duty in September 1997, despite not retiring officially after terminal leave etc until 1 Feb 1998. Never really used the degrees save for building construction and design.

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