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New Braunfels RV parks get hit again!

Kirk W

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We spent last night on the southside of Houston. Between the weather radio and the phones, it seemed as if we had alerts every 15 minutes. What a lousy night's sleep! :( At the worst point of the night we were within an area where the alert was "Seek shelter NOW!" Fortunately, the detailed radar image on Weather Underground made it possible to identify where we were relative to the cell with the observed rotation. By morning Weather Underground had reported 7 tornado sightings on the south and east sides of the city. We were very lucky! B)


This morning we drove to Port Aransas. Getting out of Houston was a bit rougher than we had thought it was going to be. Fortunately at 9 am on a rainy Saturday there wasn't too much traffic on the Sam Houston, which was good since we were all going 45-50 mph. We didn't leave the rain completely behind until Ganado.

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Seems like there is a good reason for having wheels on an RV. Earlier this summer we got a knock on the door at 0600. The ranger apologized for waking us up (he didn't) and said that they were closing the park at noon because of rising water. We were gone by 0800 and the water only had to rise a few more inches to start lapping at the road. We called back later and found out that the water actually covered the tops of the electric posts.

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Uh, I have a reservation for Cranes Mill on Canyon Lake in 9 days. Anyone know what the status of that campground is?


I checked Recreation.gov and it is still taking reservations there. No warnings, but if Potter's Creek is so messed up, I would expect some damage to this one.


I think I will call the campground tomorrow.

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It seems like the RV Park right under the I-35 bridge over the Guadalupe river in New Braunfels get flooded every 2-4 years. But that shouldn't surprise anyone, it is right on the edge of a good sized river (at least in Texas it is considered a good sized river).


I have never understood the reason RV'ers would want to stay here. The noise from trucks going over the bridge right above your head must be deafening.


It does get good reviews on RV Reviews.com http://www.rvparkreviews.com/regions/texas/new-braunfels/river-ranch-rv-resort though.

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