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Thoughts and Prayers to Texas and South


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Thank you. We are currently at Rainbow's End in Livingston. The immediate Livingston area seems to have dodged the bullet regarding the really bad stuff this week. However, it started raining lightly last night about 11:00... the REALLY heavy stuff with thunder, lightening, and wind gusts started about 5:00 or 6:00 this morning and is just now (almost 9:00) starting to think about tapering off. The little drainage "depression" behind our row of sites looked like river rapids when we got up (still dark at 7:30!), but has slacked off, now. The forecast says that things should move on through by about 11:00. Our satellite system lost signal during the storm (of course) and it's a bit early for damage and flood reports to have reached the major news web sites.



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