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Questions for you seasoned travelers

Max Death

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Lived in our 5th for over three years but always had to be where the work was. Finally retiring in June 2016. Will be in the Grand Canyon area late August or early September. From there to Flagstaff.

My questions are: want to winter in Lake Havasu so when should we make reservations?

When should we be there to avoid the worst of the heat?

Anyone have a recommendation for an rv park? Looking for a nice place but do not need a resort. 5th is 40 feet and 50 amp. Don't golf or play tennis. Don't need all the fancy stuff. Just don't want to end up in a run down park.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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winter in Lake Havasu so when should we make reservations?

When should we be there to avoid the worst of the heat?


"Seasoned travelers".. is that a nice way of say "old geezers"? ;)


Depending on when you want to be there, it may already be too late for reservations in some of the nicer parks. I would be making reservations as soon as possible. Some folks have already settled in for the Winter so the longer you wait...


Avoiding the heat? November on is pretty nice in those parts (LindaH must like it warmer than me). December is probably the coolest time of the year and on through March.


Have fun!

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Thanks everyone for your input. Much appreciated.

Looking to do this next year so not worried about sites being taken this year.

I used seasoned travelers to mean those that have been able to move where they want. Sure there are younger folks then me and DW that have been to more areas and there for I consider seasoned travelers.

Once again thanks for your input

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We are in Havasu and have been here all summer. yeah, crazy, i know. We've fulltimed for years but are building a winter home here.

If you want to be ON the lake I recommend Islander resort. If you don't care about being on the lake, most of the RV parks in town are fine.

We have been staying at Havasu RV resort. the sites are owned by individuals and are sometimes rented out for the season. There are still quite a few available for this year so that tells me you don't have to reserve for next year until Sept or Oct.


Here's the list of available sites. http://havasurvresort.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/RentalsAsOf_10-26-15.pdf




PS this IS a resort, with 2 pools, fitness room etc, but the price isn't too bad :)

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Congrats on the retiring. You will enjoy it! Regarding the GC area....... I would wait until September. That way you will avoid some of the crowds. There will still be a lot of folks but the kids will be back in school. I assume you are talking about visiting the South Rim. The North Rim is a bit higher in elevation and gets colder a bit sooner. Also if you plan to stay in either the Federal CG or the commercial CG you should get your reservations in as soon as possible. We stayed in the commercial CG and you get full hook ups but it is a spartan site. Dirt. But at least you have water (which froze in April) and electricity. We had to work at the sewer because of the location and dismal condition of the connector --- But it did work. Both the CGs are within easy walking distance to the Canyon edge.


We stayed one night in Havasu and the place was practically empty. I don't remember when we visited but know it was not their peak season. Interestingly the owners of the park had disabled ALL the 50 amp services! Seemed like a really cheap action to me. Happy Travels and enjoy your retirement. Dennis

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