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Couple more "visitors" came to Paradise Central this week.



This one is Volvo's answer to Sport Chassis. I-shift, 11 L engine and 19.5 inch tires.



And its bigger brother.



This one came from Gregg Shields' stable with Larry Herron's rear end, fronting a gorgeous 46 foot 33,740 lb Continental Coach.


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Glad to see that Ken made it. Hopefully things went smoothly.


It did, you will recognize the process, first the 13,500 lb air bag.



Ken did provide substantial manual labor.



Super Binkley topped it off.



Before they left in the morning, Davena and I got an evening tour of their rig. Magnificent in the understated elegance.



I understand you "studied" it in detail too.


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Cindy and I were blessed with Henry and Davena's warm hospitality this week and yes the upgrade went very well. It was really a treat and education spending time with Henry and Tom working on the upgrade and we appreciate all the hard effort they put into their work.


Thanks Jack for your concern and persistence with our weight. Very much appreciated.

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