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Splendid drying problem


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I've had problems for several months with my Spendid not drying completly and getting an error code. I tried the recommended wash out with the vinegar and then the bleach but it the problem still continued. My husband got tired of hearing me complain and said how about we try blowing it out with air. He checked with the manufactorer to make sure we wouldn't do any damage. So we borrowed a leaf blower, removed the tube, attached a sewer gasket to make a seal. Removed the vent cover and flapper from the outside of the MH and blew through the duct work several times. I then ran it through the wash cycle with the vinegar and couldn't believe the amount of lint and crud that camp out. I then tried a regular cycle and it worked --- the cloths came out dry!!!


Just happy it worked!

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We had the same problem. Inside the back of the machine is an "S" shaped hose that totally clogged with lint. We found this by taking the unit out of the cabinet, removing the vent hose and then taking the top off of the unit so we could see what was going on. We pulled the S shaped hose out and found the blockage. Put it all back together and it works great. Your method was a lot easier and I will use that at least once a year to clear that hose. We also now use the wash cycle method you described to help keep the lint problem to a minimum.

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We had the side by side models. After about 18mos of daily washes and drying, it didn't seem to dry properly. Checking the outside vent, the plastic grid was allowing lint to build up.


So after removing a deflated football size lint ball, he cut the lower half the grid out. Worked great for another 6 mos, then died, so we replaced with another Splendide that worked flawlessly, because I could now reach in and grab any accumulating lint anytime I needed to. Cutting back the grid was the first thing we did when we bought the newest 5er.

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Here is a lint cleaning procedure recommended by Westland Sales. Worked wonders for my 2100XC which wasn't drying at all. I do this now every couple of months and no problems since.


  1. Start the unit without clothes and with the dry time off on cycle # 11. When the water stops entering the unit push and hold the start button until all the lights come on then release the button. *NOTE: If the water is not at least half way up the glass repeat this step.


  1. Move the cycle knob to cycle # 2 push the extra rinse button then press the start button once (do not hold) then let it run through that complete cycle.


Do this 3 times then try the dryer.

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If needed, take the dryer hose off the back of the machine and carefully hold a water hose down in the rubber neck that the dryer hose attaches to. Spray the water into the rubber hose. It will flush the lint back into the machine.

Then do as edatlanta has suggested. We flush our machine every month now.

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