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USGP in Austin TX


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One of our big "Bucket List" items was to attend the Unite States Formula 1 Grand Prix car races, and here we are in Austin waiting for the race to begin.

Not quite as we imagined however as we've had 8" of rain this weekend already and it's still coming down (But a lot less than the rest of the weekend).

Then we have to get out of the swamp that the RV parking area has become.

We got here Thursday in the dry. Friday they let cars into half of the area and it rained all day. At the end of the day they had numerous tow trucks pulling cars out. Some cars are still there!

What it will be like tomorrow after 3 solid days of rain I can only imagine. It is suppose to be dry tomorrow but I can't see this mud drying up very quickly.

Fingers crossed! Plus we don't have to be anywhere soon so we can hang around to see if it dries up later in the day.


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The event organizers had a tractor waiting this morning to help get people out we got towed out easily but a couple of big DP's were stuck fast. They called a big truck type tow vehicle out to them but one rig was so stuck that it was pulling the tow truck in with it! Hope they got it out without any damage


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