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RV High Altitude


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Tell us a bit about yourself and the video, folks tend to not click on links that they don't know much about.


The description on this one is interesting:




This is an RV travel series that takes place in the High Rocky Mountains. Jason takes his classic Winnebago and finds the most remote and high altitude spots and camps there. Each episode takes place at a different location. See Jason and his Winnebago explore the natural splendor of the Colorado Rockies.


It is about 10 minutes long so I sampled it, sorry to see your air mattress didn't like high altitude!

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There is a rumor that my videos are monotized. They are not. I make no money from them. It is my hobby. Some people hunt or hike. I make videos. I would not take advantage of you kind folks or your forum. I am a full time Winnebago resident. I love RVs and like other people that do.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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