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Diagnostic Codes


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If keep getting trouble codes.............Shouldn't just keep clearing the code. Should get the trouble fixed to end trouble codes from happening.

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It's emission related probably. I hate them. Only problem I ever have with my truck is emissions. I like clean air as much as everyone but they are problematic.

Glenn, the HUD in a Volvo will throw a code if you change to LED lights. There are codes for the transmission, engine systems, air suspension, air bags, lighting systems, climate systems, brake systems and many more. It is impossible to "guess" it is emissions related.


Is there a list somewhere of all the codes and their meanings?

There are several lists out there. I have the one listing all of the FreedomLine transmission codes (since I had transmission issues at last years rally) and if you call Volvo's support line they will tell you what the codes are also. The HUD operators manual lists some of the most common codes.

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Some time ago this "CODE" Issue was talked about, so here goes try this. This site has access to any and all equipment and there codes. As you type in the address in the address bar it may fill in the address ahead of you.

Happy Hunting [url=http://www.thetruckersreport.com/truckingindustryforum/threads/fault-code-links.177140/


This is access to a forum that relates to many different types of equipment.



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I see inactive codes all the time. I have one EGR valve that sticks occasionally and an ABS sensor that fails at start up every once in a while. My mechanic says to replace both EGR valves when the one sticks all the time and turning off the ignition, waiting a few seconds and restarting fixes the ABS sensor. When I go in for my annual service I will have the ABS sensor checked. Otherwise, I don't even bother to clear them. I look, see what they are and leave them.

I also get the occasional light control module code that so far no one seems to be able to figure out the source. All the lights work, so I couldn't care less.

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