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12V Plugs on Dash Not Working


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We have a 2005 Holiday Rambler Ambassador. When we started out yesterday morning, I noticed our GPS was not getting any 12v power. Switched to the next plug, no help. Then tried the plug next to the 110 outlet, again no help. Tried two different devices in all three plug. Nothing. I looked for a fuse in the electrical bay and the only one I could find that remotely fit was one labeled ACC but that fuse is good. Is there another fuse somewhere in the system?


Thanks in advance.




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The RV doesn't require the key to be on but I did check that. No fuse in the cord and, I have checked several cords and other devices. Still not working. Battery voltages are 13v for the coach and 12.57v for the chassis. I looked at both fuse blocks and couln't find a fuse that matches the plugs. But, I would think there would be a fuse somewhere. Hmmmm....

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Here is the rest of the story: This morning when I checked the inverter panel, it was in Float charge mode at 12.7v @ 0 amps and house battery power read 12.65v. So, I cranked up the generator and the inverter panel indicated a Absorb charge rate at 13.8v at 20-22 amps. Although I checked the batteries for adequate water last week, I double checked this morning all all looked good. I did top off one of the batteries in all three cells.

The generator has been running for 45 min. and the inverter/charger has never gone into Float Charge mode.


I called a friend who has a mobile RV repair business and he thinks I have a battery problem. Going to go have them check when we leave Charleston.

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