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The previous owner replaced the whole headlight assembly with new ones. Is it worth doing the deep space light upgrade at this point or is that for lights that have aged?


Also, I replaced the LED tail-lights with new ones and fixed the rats nest of wiring that was there at the back. I noticed one night, while walking by, that there was a very faint glow coming from them. At first I thought it was a reflection, but upon close inspection, it is definitely coming from 2 of the LED elements in the middle of the light. Any thoughts on why it's doing that?

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The glow from the LEDs is normal--though it's actually the turn/brake part that's lighting up. It's a solid state control with a small leakage current, where the parking lights are relay controlled.


As far as being worth it to upgrade the headlights when you've got new housings, I'll leave others to comment on that. There are a number of folks here who have done just that.

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My original light housing were well original and really showing their age when I bought the truck. I replaced them. Made a huge difference on the rare occasion I had to drive at night. Last year I did the HID conversion and again huge difference. I am glad that I have done both. Sitting so high up and look so far down the road every little bit makes a difference and helps.


I will also add with the HID light change and the high beams on, I have found that I really do not need the auxiliary driving lights. They no longer make a noticeable difference the way they use to with the stock headlights, even in the new housings.

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