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Federal Health Insurance--Open Season--Self plus one

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OPM has posted the rates for 2016 health insurance rates.




Looks like the self plus one rates save about $15/month in employee preminums.


Under the nation-wide plans it looks like GEHA standard is the least expensive. Our plan is to switch to it from Blue Cross now that both of us also have Medicare Part B.


I would appreciate any comments from folks that have GEHA and Medicare Part B and how that worked for you.


Any additional comments on the health insurance decisions also appreciated.

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I have been with them for many years and it has worked pretty good. I also use VA and that causes some problems in regard to obtain ongoing meds through the mail service but the usuall issue is getting them to write the perscription for outside the VA and pwriting it correctly. The one that has caused the biggest problem is the one for warfarin/coumadin as the dosage can vary. Because of my circumstances I have the high option/single GEHA. (you know sometimes is is hard to decide) Coincidently last year for the 1st time I added dental coverage and ended up going with the plan GEHA has and so far have been more than happy with that. I used to get a good bit of dental in Palomas, Mexico near Deming. I have read your posts here for years and know you will do your due diligengce to decide which one is best for you.

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While this may not work for everyone, it is an alternative: Liberty Healthshare...it is one of 4 "healthshare" organizations approved (according to my research) to serve as an alternative to insurance via the ACA. They all appear to be affiliated with a religion, some are strict with their enrollment, Liberty seems open minded about your personal belief. They are not "insurance", but rather "assurance", where your monthly assessment (or premium if you wish) is "shared" with others in the organization who happen to have accumulated medical debt. Not well known or accepted it appears, maybe only 500K people partaking in the various plans. I'm curious to know if anyone has firsthand knowledge, and has used one of the available plans.

Might be worth your time to investigate.




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