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Mystery switch in cabinet inside 1987 Fleetwood Bounder?


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I just bought a 1987 Fleetwood Bounder and have located a switch that I have no idea what it does. It is located in the upper cabinet, just behind the driver's seat, right next to the cabinet that houses the power converter. The switch has three settings - front, off and rear. Anyone have any idea what that switch controls? I also have no idea what the switch above that switch controls - this one is just a simple on/off switch. You can see both in the photo attached photo. Thanks.




Living in a 1987 Fleetwood Bounder with my wife and two daughters.

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I believe that is an air conditioner selection switch for dual A/C's. If I'm not mistaken... you can run one, the other, or both depending on the power source connected. If the generator is running you can run either or/or both. On shore power you can only run one and need to select which one to use (front or back).


The other one.. I have no clue.

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I'd agree with the a/c selector, but wonder why it has no "both" position? If your RV has 2 a/c units and has only a 30A power cord, that is probably what it is, but I'd expect it to have an on-board generator set that is sized to be able to operate both units. In such case you can usually run both from it. Of course, if there is no generator, or if that generator is too small, then that would explain the lack of a "both" choice.

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I'd agree with the a/c selector, but wonder why it has no "both" position?


To avoid inadvertently attempting to run both on shore power? I honestly don't know in a Fleetwood of that vintage, but in similar systems I've seen, the genset is hardwired to the rear A/C unit (both A/C's have separate on/off switches elsewhere in the rig). So if you are running your genny only, you set the "shore power selector" to 'off' and just run the rear unit. If you have your genny running AND have shore power connected then you set the selector to 'front' and both units can run simultaneously. Shore power only then you select either 'front' or 'rear'.


I'm not saying that's how it is in his rig, but I've seen older dual A/C rigs that worked that way.


Nowdays.. with 50amp service more common, and more powerful gensets, it's probably a horse of different color. Dunno :blink:


On the other switch... is it a momentary? Possibly an auxiliary start?

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