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RV Covers


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Now that we have transitioned to PT and have a stix & brix that we can park the RV next to I am thinking of maybe getting a cover for it to protect it from the elements some.

I have never used an RV cover and never looked at one up close. Have heard some discussion about problems with them rubbing the RV finish and damaging it.

I am interested in any comments from those that used them. Good and bad experiences and what made them so. This is not a high priority subject for me as we have some travelling to so in near future, but I will be thinking of it.

Thanx for any inputs!

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If it were me, I would spend a little bit more and get one of the covers that stands alone on it's own frame.




Yep, I'm with Kirk. I had one of the slip-on covers and used it a couple years, Huge nuisance (keeping it secure in windy weather, dirt and mildew, getting in and out of the rig with the cover on, etc.) I was on the point of getting something like the above when we moved and the issue became moot. But it would be great to be able to pull the rig out for a week-end trip or whatever. Having to unfasten the slip-on cover is too much hassle to bother with for a brief trip.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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