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Installing circuit board for Norcold 838EG2?


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Does anyone have a photo they can share of an installed circuit board on a Norcold 838EG2 refrigerator? I just purchased a replacement board from Dinosaur Electronics, part 61716822, to replace the exact same board (the fridge already has the board recall kit installed). I thought I had all the wires marked to guide me in my installation but there is one wire remaining that I can't figure out where it is supposed to be connected. It is the blue wire coming out of board's white wiring harness that connects up top to the bottom of the igniter unit. This harness has five wires coming out of it - three white wires, one red wire (that connects to the gas valve) and this one blue wire (it's also sometimes black apparently, based on the images I find online of this circuit board). I've attached a JPG here for reference. Thanks.


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I don't know if the following is the right board to ask the following


Norcold RV Refrigerator Model #1200 LRIM SN# 1100720F

Works fine on 12vlts DC only

Does not work on AC

Monitor reads: AC LO when in the AC mode

I have checked the 12 vls and 120 vls circuits both are reading correct voltages

I disconnected the 120 vlt leads to the heating elements and read continuity

Readings are: .06 ohms on the 20 K ohms scale. So heaters are not open

However I did not get 120 vlts leading to the heating elements

Could the monitor control be the problem?

I appreciate all the help I can get


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