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Alternative Fueling....


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I know this may be a far cry from anyone actually doing it since how rare it is and yall are mostly always on the go, but has any of yall installed veggie kits on your trucks?

I had a 1995 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel pickup i did this on for multiple years and put over 100k+ additional miles on the truck with nearly 99% of those miles as veggie miles... It was a winter beater for the winter months of colorado at first when my corvette was parked for storage, but after the first year i started taking this truck on road trips due to not spending a dime on fuel for the most part.. I even drove it all the way to Alaska to see my ExWifes family all on veggie oil once by putting filtered oil in cubies in the back of the truck to fill the tank with during the road trip...

Just thought i see if anyone got into it on any of their rigs.... i had fun doing it to the truck i owned, i used an old aux tank for the veggie tank mounted in the front of the bed and modified it to pump engine coolant from the engine coolant system through the fuel tank to keep it warmed up and thin....

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Well that sucks man, i would assume with an earlier model HDT using SVO would be so easy, do you have an onboard filtering system? I had a 2 tank sealed system so i didnt have to worry about getting veggie oil all over myself, the aux tank i modified was an L shaped one, so i welded in the missing space to turn it into a square tank and installed an inline household filter system on the inlet of the new welded section giving me an storage area for roughly 50 gallons of "dirty" veggie oil, then i installed a closed loop 55gph centrifuge on the dirty tank that ran anytime the truck was running, so as i drove down the road the oil was circulated over and over to ring the dirty stuff out of the oil over a few days of driving to work... then when i no longer had any collection residue on the inside of the centrifuge i would use the 2nd very small pump on the dirty tank to pump it into the clean oil tank, which also had a centrifuge to just make sure my clean oil was always clean, so my system was 150 gallons of clean oil storage and about 50 gallons of dirty oil storage... i kept the line i used to pump the dirty oil into the tank in a 5 gallon bucket that i could quick connect to the tank to pump the oil and keep the mess to the 5 gallon bucket that i would clean up every so often...

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I use to run home brewed Bio in my 2001 PowerStroke. I know Bio is different than running SVO but in both cases there is a process involved in getting it to the point you can actually use it.


In my case I do not run Bio in the Volvo for many different reasons. One being the Volvo has more electronics than my old PowerStroke. The electronic motors are far more sensitive. I am confident of the quality of the Bio I produce but because the Volvo is not used daily and sometimes months can go between fueling, Bio does have a shelf life. Also in my case just making the switch over to Bio would not be fun. Bio is a solvent and will clean your fuel system. My PowerStroke had roughly 100k miles on it when I made the switch. While I did not have any problems with fuel lines I did burn thru several fuel filters as the Bio scrubbed and cleaned the fuel system. On a daily driver I was able to deal with this maintenance at home most of the time, not on the side of the road. With the Volvo, it is pretty much exclusively used for travel. So that means the cleaning period of the fuel system would have to be done while traveling. Not as much fun especially since far more dyno-diesel has been ran thru the Volvo vs the Ford. The Volvo has 2 fuel filters and one of them requires you to get under the truck. Just not something I personally want to deal with while traveling, especially if I am technically on Vacation.


Another thing to consider is if you are full time the space necessary for the equipment needed for collection, processing and storage of the oil. When you are full time storage space is a premium. Everything must fit. Most full timers use every little nook and cranny on the truck and trailer for storage and can be very creative in finding and using these spaces. What are you willing to leave behind? Almost every full timer has had to deal with this issue and make choices on what they take with them.


I am very pro Bio/SVO but personally I just do not feel that it makes since RVing. I think to make it work RVing you have to want to make it work. So you have to ask yourself to what lengths are you willing to go to make it work.

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Don't tell anyone but I have 20 gallons of veggie oil to pour into our tanks for our trip to Arizona. We have two 150 gallon tanks that will be filled just before we leave.

I did filter some but my works does not give time for collect .

Costco has veggie oil for under 19 bucks for4.5 gallons or so.


Again do not tell anyone, Vern

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But in my use of veggie oil I have gotten from 1/2 mpg to over 1 mpg gain on all fuel used.

I did start with only 1 gallon per hundred gallons of fuel 9 years ago but finally found 8 to 10 percent to be cost effective.

Sometimes less concentration.




Safe Travels, Vern

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