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Route to 2016 Escapade


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Were starting to think about our 2016 travel plans. We are considering working our ways towards the Escapade in Vermont. With the exception of one year, most of our full time travels have been out west.


Im looking for a high-level idea of what route you would take to get there. Wed be leaving from the SKP park in Benson, Arizona. Wed take our time getting there and like to work in some bicycling, hiking, history along the way. Were open to any suggestions.




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new York or OntarioTime frame of trip? Approach to Essex Junction? Only three viable routes the Interstate from the south, US 2 from the north or the ferry across Lake Champlain. Yes there are other routes but tourist season will be in full swing and a big slow RV on narrow two lane roads will cause aggravation. I personally prefer a circle route. Therefore I propose working north into South Dakota and east to Minnesota on through the UP then south from Sault Ste Marie to Mackinac Island down through the thumb to Port Huron. Then across Canada to Niagra Falls. Choice then to drive along the lake in New York or Ontario. Return via southern

New England, PA, Oh trending to the southwest.


Good Luck


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I would start by making a list of things between where you are and VT that you have not yet seen and would like to see. There are hundreds, or even more. A great deal also depends upon what sort of things you like. There are historic sites such as Vicksburg Battlefield, Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma, or there is Branson, Music City, MO. You could go to Michigan and visit Sleeping Bear Dunes or perhaps House on the Rock located in Wisconsin. If you enjoy airplanes there is the National Air Museum near Dayton, OH. And you could visit Gettysburg National Battlefield or even Independence Hall as you pass through Pennsylvania on your way to or from. Or you could route through Washington DC and spend days just visiting the Smithsonian Institution museums and national zoo. Of course, if you have not seen it, Niagara Falls is one of those things that you need to see.


This is hardly a beginning of what is available on such a trip. The possibilities are nearly endless and I'd suggest you start by narrowing things just a little bit by selecting a few key things in order to set a general line of travel, then fill in the gaps with help from those of us on the forums. Whatever you choose to do, I strongly suggest that you get off of the interstate highways and do not take the most direct route. The US interstate highway system has made it possible for a person to travel completely across the United States without seeing one darned thing!

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We will be stopping in Canton in far upstate NY to visit rellys, then US 11 across the top of NY to US 2 in VT and down through Grand Isle.


About a 2 -3 hour drive. Should be light traffic on a Sunday morning. Not a lot of tourist traffic in Franklin and Clinton counties.

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