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Anderson Levelers - Has anyone used them on a triple axle?


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Has anyone used these on a triple axle 5th wheel? I know that there are instructions for shortening them up to 4" if necessary to fit them between tires but I can't find any evidence that they have been used on a 5th wheel.


Not all big 5th wheels have power jacks for leveling more than front to back. My 1999 40' King of the Road could really benefit from this sort of system, if only to cut down on the amount of lumber I have to travel with. The Lego blocks don't always solve the leveling problems.These Quick levelers can handle up to 30,000 lbs and it looks like, from the Youtube videos, that all you need is a decent level to hold against the side to check it as you level up. Self chocking, too.


If these work well on a triple axle they would save my old back and knees a lot of wear and tear. I am always concerned about spreading the weight out evenly between the tires, whether on levelers or on dirt. Very hard to do with blocks and boards when out in a field.



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I use ours on a fifth wheel (double axle) without any alterations, and unless your triple axles are REALLY close together, I can't think of any reason why these wouldn't work for you without any alterations. They are easy to place (the wife handles that) and I just follow her guidance to pull (forwards or backwards) onto them.

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Has anyone used these on a triple axle 5th wheel?


I haven't, but I don't see why they wouldn't.. providing there is enough space between the tires. They really do work well, but be aware it's not always as easy as it appears in the online videos. With my dual axles the ground under each tire is not always level with it's companion so you have to fudge with it a little on occasion by adding a board underneath one or the other. With triple axles, that might confound the problem (one tire not supporting as much weight as the others), but it still beats the heck outta lego's n' boards. I wouldn't be without them again.

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