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After 40 yrs of rving, the full time life still poses questions so please bear with me. The DW notices moisture in the fridge on the door shelves. ( none on the walls of the fridge) Here is the scenario. The AC is set to 75 degrees the fridge is set to 7 out of 9 possible, inside the fridge is good at 40 degrees. Ambient temp is 50 to 60 at night and 70 to 80 during the day. Here in SC the humidity is about 75% right now. Why is there moisture on the shelves?

PS the fridge was defrosted about 10 days ago so no frost build up.


Thanks in advance for your help.


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Absorption refrigerators such as those in most RVs have no defrosting features and so moisture entering via ambient air entry when the door is opened is a bigger problem. In addition, a leaking door seal may make the problem much worse. The best way to test that door seal is to place a dollar bill into the open door, close it and then see how much force is required to pull if from the closed door. It should require a very definite amount of pressure to pull the bill out, but not be impossible. Make the test every few inches around the door to check all areas of the seal. If the seal is weak, it will allow more air intrusion and thus more moisture. In hot weather it can also impact the ability of the refrigerator to remain at proper temperatures.

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Make sure you scrub around the seals, sometimes a little bit of food or mold can get in a crevice and not be noticeable but can affect the seal. Then after you have scrubbed, go ahead and use a hair dryer on low to warm the seal so that it is VERY pliable and then close the door firmly. That will help the seal to reset itself. That might be all you need to do. But in really humid weather, there is no way to keep all moisture out of the fridge.



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