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RV courses for newbies, plus


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This is something everyone can benefit from. It is similar to the old Life on Wheels offered some years ago until the Founder passed away. This one started out as a three day course , seems it has expanded.

The courses were an hour each, enough to give you an idea of how the various systems worked, how to identify symptoms but not meant to teach you how to repair them. But it's a good start.


They have expanded to doing Pretrips, something a number of us do now.


There is on site dry camping but there are numerous campsites in the area along with vineyards and winetasting.


You really can't go wrong taking this course. Even though I took it some years ago, I will be there in 2016.


As I recall they oriented us in the parking lot on a cross grade so bring leveling blocks or we can all chip in and go to Home Depot for some 1" rim joists and I'll bring the skill saw.


I noticed they had RV driving this time.




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Wow! If we were still on the road we would go to this one. There's always more to learn and this one being sponsored by a technical school gives me lots of confidence in what they will teach about RV systems. Thanks for sharing this link.


Linda Sand

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Lots of folks seem to be getting into the business. The RVer's Boot Camp was begun shortly after the "Life on Wheels Conference" of Gaylord Maxwell closed after his passing. Not so sure but what it might have started anyway but the timing worked out that way. There is probably plenty of room for others as most all of them tend to be well attended and more opportunities in different parts of the country is probably a good thing.

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I wasn't aware other courses were being put on, I did attend a Life on Wheels on Moscow Idaho some years back and also the one in Kelowna after that. The one in Kelowna has expanded by 2 days, I think, and includes topics which have come up repeatedly in one fashion or another.


To me, it doesn't matter which on folks take. The very least anyone can do is learn something. Attend the one closest to you.


My plan is to attend the one in Kelowna next June

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I highly recommend any of these learning opportunities. We attended Life on Wheels before we went full-time in 2008 then followed that with an Escapade and some Gypsy Journal rallies. They didn't keep us from making ALL the stupid mistakes but...


Linda Sand

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I have office skills < 16 years > and Caregiver skills < 12 years > Would love to learn RV camping ksa's, Menu planning, Dutch Oven cooking, Campfire Building, Map Reading, How to react when something unexpected happens, Making items do double duty, etc,

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