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Is a TT The Right Choice for Me?


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Hi, I have been reading through all of the topics and I am starting to second guess myself if a travel trailer is the right choice for me or not.


Here is my story.


I just bought some land in southeast Missouri in the Ozarks. The Ozarks has four seasons with very cold winters and hot summers, along with beautiful spring and fall seasons too.


I would like to get a travel trailer and put it on my land for year-round use and have the option to take it on trips. I was thinking this route would give me more flexibility over a tiny house. I would be at the land on average 2 to 4 days per week year-round.


My biggest concern is the winter temperatures and summer heat because it is my understanding that most travel trailers are designed for short term use as opposed to 4 season use on a regular basis. I am fearful of freezing issues with water lines and general heat issues because I am not sure the furnace can keep up for the entire winter. I would also have the same concern in the summer when the A/C would need to be run on a regular basis. I am increasingly concerned that most TT are not designed for the frequent use I have planned.


The TT that I am currently looking at is the 2015 Forest River RV Wildwood 28DBUD.


I have electric service on my land, but no water. So, I will be able to plug in the TT for as long as I want.


Based on your experience is a TT the right choice for me, or should I investigate a tiny house option more?


Let me know if you have any questions.











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No RV is designed to sit in one spot as you plan and work well. You will need to put in permanent water and sewer lines that are under the RV and protected from freezing as well as a pretty much permanent skirt to keep weather out, no matter how good the RV may be. At the higher end of the price/quality range there are RVs that probably would work but the outside connections and the skirting will still be needed and you will need to keep some heat on inside all winter or things will freeze up.

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I have to agree with Kirk. An RV would not be suitable for your intended use, however, a tiny house would be ideal. Well insulated, able to withstand snow weight/weather extremes, economical to heat or cool. Any RV on the market would be about the polar opposite at a much a greater expense.


You could construct a barn/shed to house your RV that would help, but cost wise, a tiny house + small trailer for excursions would be my choice.

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