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Adding jacks?


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Seems like a few years ago I read somewhere here that someone added (bolted?welded?) scissor jacks onto their rig to crank up/down to level. Anyone hear of that or done it? We have a 1990 motorhome that we would like to do this with so we don't have to carry so many blocks!


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Seems like a few years ago I read somewhere here that someone added (bolted?welded?) scissor jacks onto their rig



Scissor jacks are primarily used for stabilization rather than leveling. There are a number of leveling jack systems that can be added, however they are generally quite expensive and heavy. I don't know what your rigs cargo capacity is, but more than likely, a decent leveling jack system would take a decent bite out.


You might consider just changing your manual leveling system to something like an Anderson leveler. They are quick, easy, inexpensive, and weigh very little. It beats the heck out of flat blocking for level.

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As Yarome said, Scissor jacks aren't very stable against side forces so you should be very careful lifting with them. As stabilizers to reduce bouncing on the suspension they work well but you just want them to firmly contact the ground without doing any significant lifting.


If a leveling system isn't an option you can use a good bottle jack and jackstands but that is more work than leveling blocks in most situations but a great option for long term (months) stays.

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The other problem with that sort of thing on a motorhome is the distance that they would be from the ground. It would mean that most such jack systems would be pretty well extended before you leveled very much and that means more leverage on the jacks and less stability. I really don't think that there is a cheap way to actually level any RV. Most travel trailer systems that are inexpensive are only designed to stabilize the RV and not to lift it and have cautions against lifting the RV with them in the instructions.

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