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What draws Rvers, whether full time, part time, or hobbyist to the annual Burning man festival in black rock desert Nevada?


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I wonder if any Escapees have experience with the burning man festival?
I notice Every year around the end of summer I hear about this festival in many respects. The festival is essentially a large gathering of RVs, trailers, fifthwheels, vans, and motorhomes, of all types and sizes and people of all ages. About 50,000 Rvers whether they are full time, part time, hobbyist, or first time, seem to flock to this event. All of the attendees have to boondock in the desert with minimal access to fuel, food, water, and electricity for the duration of the festival which lasts about a week. Apparently I believe they are there to watch a wooden statue of a man being burned for ceremonial purposes. Though I wonder what makes it so attractive? I never been there though I heard its a very harsh environment the Rvers try to cope with especially the summer heat which you are at the mercy of your RVs a/c or generator's reliability and having enough fuel, food, and water to last throughout the festival as the nearest facilities are at least 50 miles away.
I wonder if any of you can shed some light on this festival? If so that would be great.

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It is on our bucket list. It is an art festival with a Woodstock atmosphere. The burning of the giant wooden man is just a tiny tiny portion the the festival and signifies the end of festivities. There are many YouTube videos of the festival. You should check them out.

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It's not something I want to go to. From what I understand it's a rowdy group out to have one heck of a party. Try Quartzsite in January if you want to see an RV event that's civil.




It's not our type of thing, but one reason I wouldn't go is the dust that gets into every crack and crevice of your RV. I've read reports of people who have been there and they've spent days/weeks trying to get rid of it all.

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Thank you all, I always wonder what its about. Sorry for the late reply. It seems like a messy festival with many many RVs but only boondocking is available. I wonder why an art festival would garnish so much attention and draw people to take Rving in such extreme conditions. Though anyways thanks for the answers.

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