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Ocotber 9, 2004


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October 9, 2004 we went full-time RVing. Who would have thought we would still be doing this? Have the same truck, same trailer. Only complain on the truck is the last two summers the mpg average is down 1 mpg. Also some of the long 7% grades do lose speed from 65 mph to 55 mph. On really long grades sometimes 50 mph. If I can get the truck to down shift (auto-shift) to 9th gear then can get the speed back up again. Unless traffic or curves slow us down. The trailer, so far really no big problems. Going to replace the carpet and linoleum if all works out next spring. Still have the original stuff. Personally I still think it looks fine, but the wife wants to change it out. :) No plans on getting a new or newer truck and trailer. Like what we have.

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