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Lone star RV resort

Tex Bigfoot

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I'll give you a little background ,I have about a month off work so was heading down I-35 south on my way to SPI from Cleburne for some fishing with a friend of mine.

I decided I wanted a bottle of water from the trailer so I pulled off about two miles south of the Slaughter rd. exit . As I got out of the truck I smelled antifreeze so I started looking sure enough the water pump seal was going out.

Checking the internet I found a Dodge dealer less than 4 miles from me and I already knew where the park was. So I drove to the park while calling the dealer( more about these jerks later) pulled up to the office told them my problem and they did not even ask me to sign in just escorted me to a site and helped me unhitch quickly and said stop at the office when you get back.

Ran over to south Side Dodge . On the phone they said "if you can get here in about 45 min we can at least verify the problem before we close" when I pulled into the service drive I got a different story of " we are booked solid for the next two weeks and will not be able to look at it for at least a week an a half" . Now by this time the antifreeze was running like a river so I had no choice but to leave it and get a ride back to the park.

I got back to the park and checked in while talking to the manager about my problems and how long it could take they recommended a place called Lenard's Auto .So the next morning I called and spoke with Jason ,he said yes he would work me in if I could get the truck to him ( this was easy I just called AAA and had them pick the truck up and deliver it) I rode over with them so I could do the paper work and check the truck in at Lenard's.

Here is where things really came together. I met with Jason who told me that knowing the truck was on the way he had had the water pump delivered, while talking with him the tow driver was unloading, as the tow driver stepped out of my truck a mechanic got in and put it in a bay . Jason seen this and said it should be ready In about 1.5 o 2 hours.

Talking a little more with Jason he said that from time to time he gets these calls from travelers over at Austin Lone Star RV park and knowing they are stranded just moves them to the head of the line and try's to help.


To make this a little shorter the folks at Austin Lone Star RV park on I-35 in south Austin went above and beyond to work with someone in a bind , and Jason and Lenard's Auto did the same .


I truly can't say enough good about ether business and can't say enough bad about South Side Dodge for the way they changed there story once they thought they had me captive with a truck that would not travel .

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Kirk, by the way Tex is explaining it, I thinks he's more in the Austin area than Hondo. There's a Lone Star RV Resort on I-35 there. Easy to get confused on this one. Just sayin'.


Slaughter Lane is in South Austin, so I agree he is talking about the Lone Star RV Resort there.

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