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New twist in cell phone spam?

Jim & Alice

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I believe I am seeing a new twist in cell phone spammer techniques.


For years, I have stopped answering any call where I do not recognize the caller's number... instead, I would call it back - and typically it was an 'unknown/invalid number', ie, spam. However, over the last few weeks I have received several calls to my cell phone, where the calling number's first 6 digits (area code & Exchange) "just happened" to be the same as my own cell phone...leading me to believe this is a legitimate call from home area. But instead, it is just... "Hello! This is Lisa from card services", ie, Spam. Programatically, this would be a relatively easy effect for a spammer to program.


Anyone else seeing the new spam twist?


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We never call an unknown number back, if they don't leave a voice mail for us and convince us they are real we just let it go to missed calls and delete it. Too many scams out there where they get you to call back and end up connected to a pay-per-minute service where they keep you on the line and racking up stiff per-minute charges that you have to pay.


FCC scam page: https://www.fcc.gov/guides/one-ring-wireless-phone-scam

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Stan, read your article and it seems to refer to offshore scams that use domestic area codes.. What I think I am seeing is a ratcheting up of 'intelligent' spamming by perpetrators using domestic area codes in combination with relevant exchanges... deliberately designed to be appearing to originate in the target's home area. This appears to me to be a new twist. In other words:


(717) 833-111 is calling (717) 833-2222

(spammer) (target)


Where the caller number is contrived by the spammers based on the target numbers area code & exchange. Again, this looks like the house down the street calling you about your barking dog.


Had a situation yesterday where I called back to a 'local' number left on my phone, and ended up talking to a guy that I knew (Real Estate agent)... and he said he had started getting a 'few' calls just like mine, where it was 'returned' call to what appeared to be a 'local' number - his in this case. We had a nice discussion about phone scamming.

Just curious.

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We are getting the same calls from the same group. The calling number's first 6 match ours. I tried blocking the numbers but they change and keep calling. Would love to stop these calls!

Randy, that is just what I think I am seeing. I get calls, and would expect to get calls, from our old home area & exchange. Quite a nuisance. The FCC 'do not call' list is worthless.

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My twist is except the call and talk to them if you have the time as they won't be bothering some one else. If they have a security system to sell talk to them about all the features. Say you don't have pets and then at the end ask if I get a CAT how would that change the the system . Then ask how the system knows where you are located you move your RV every week to a couple months. That generally a big Click in your ear.

If there selling a home improvement get everything scheduled and tell them that need done before XXXXX so you can file Bankruptcy.

String them on someway and I find that better than hitting 7, 9 or whatever to be on their donot call list.



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I have added a "silent" ring tone on my iPhone, which I set as the default ring tone. I have then changed most of the numbers in my contact list to something other than default. When I receive a call from anyone who I haven't set a ring tone for....the phone just blinks and grins. If it is someone I need, or want to talk with they will leave a VM and I will call them back.


Edit, one thing I've noticed lately is many of the calls are spoofed to appear as if they are coming from someplace I've recently traveled thru.

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