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New health insurance company in Texas for 2016|

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Note this story from the Dallas Mirnong News on Oscar Heath insurance entering the San Antonio and Texas markets in 2016. No details of their products -- PPO? -- but it sure looks like their offerings might be very compatible with a nomadic lifestyle.


Perhaps Escapees advocates could explore/contact them?




Sorry I cannot do a better job with this link -- sitting in rural France right now trying to do this on an older iPhone, and alas my fingers would not be described as "classically French: long, slender and elegant."

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Here is the company's website: https://www.hioscar.com/ I am skeptical when they start the page for plans saying lets start with the "FREE" stuff.


The company was established in 2012 ;their website interface is very simplistic so easy to navigate.


It will be interesting to see if anyone here tries for a quote and will share the results.


I remember the story about the race car driver Pete Orr in Florida that was scammed when they went looking for lower premiums. Worked great on a few RX's then when he got cancer they were no where to be found. http://www.insurancejournal.com/news/newswire/southeast/2003/06/18/29940.htm


Here are several articles on how to research health insurance:


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