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escapee or escaper


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New member and trying to figure it all out but what is the difference in an escapee and an e scaper?


My understanding is, basically, the age demographic (the under 55 vs 55+ crowd). Escaper is fairly new and intended more for those still working with occasional RV'ing trips, or those working while traveling. Escapees is geared more toward the retiree RV'r... be it occasional or full time. They are both part of Escapee's, but you might find other BOF (Birds of a feather) groups, activities, or opportunities on Escaper not found on Escapee forums.


By the way.. welcome to the forum! Don't hesitate to ask questions.

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I can't imagine that there are separate BOF groups found on the Escapees website (www.escapees.com) and on the Xscapers website (www.xscapers.com). Anyone know if this is true?


I don't know that it is true at the moment (it's just gearing up), but to me, it kind of seems to defeat the purpose of trying to engender the upcoming RV'r generation with their own site if all of the BOF's are the same for Xscapers and Escapees. I don't imagine a young family showing up to a gathering advertised on the Xscapers site... only to find they are only ones with children and under 60 would be too happy . KWIM?


Nothing against the more mature crowd, but the younger kids 'should' have some events and BOF's planned specifically with their demographic in mind. I realize it's not a majority, but there are a number of SKP's CG's that are 55+, and often there are "gatherings" posted that take place inside of those 55+ areas. Not that there is anything wrong with that.


IMO, I think that might contribute to the feeling of alienation by some of the "newly RV'd". Personally, I've looked at several of the HOP's that sound like they might be fun, and I've never been to one so don't know for sure, but it's always in the back of my mind to expect an exclusive 55 or older group so have never opted to try one out. That may just be my own misguided perception, but I'm sure I am not the only one that might feel the same.


As a caveat: I have nothing against anyone of any age and don't believe any perceived alienation is intended, but it remains.. SKP has more of a reputation of being a retiree RV club.

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New member and trying to figure it all out but what is the difference in an escapee and an escaper?

First of all, welcome to the Escapee's RV club and also to the forums! We are happy to have you with us.


I am assuming that by escaper, you actually mean the Xscapers? If so it is just a second website and subgroup of the Escapees that is aimed at breaking the age barrier, which has developed though no intent but simply by natural process. The Escapees organization began as a group of working folks who were living in RVs and mostly followed the construction trades. They began the group in the 1970's when there was no support organization in existence for people whose RV was their only home. Over the years the core group has increased in age and new amenities were added to accommodate things needed by retiring members. As time progressed more people began to live in an RV and travel all of the time and because it is easiest to do after you are retired, the average age of the group has steadily risen, not by design but simply by the type of people who were attracted to the club. It is somewhat mitigated by the younger, early retired persons, (I retired at 57) but even we soon reach the social security age group and so we have become a group dominated by the older RV owner.


In recent years there has been a rise in working people who live in RVs due both to the construction trades and such as that but also from the ability of many people to work remotely, via the internet. Because most of us tend to feel most comfortable in a group that is mostly our own general age range, the attraction to those of a younger age began to fall. When the third generation of the family that founded the Escapees joined the company, they were charged with finding ways to reach out to other younger RV folks and to make this group more attractive to those who are still working and are not yet finished with their careers. At the heart of this are Travis & Melanie Carr, but they are not the only ones. In that effort there has been a new website created with the emphasis being toward those still working club members. It isn't a new club but just a second feature area that is pointed more closely at the needs of younger, still working people, while the old site continues to emphasize the needs of we who are retired. Membership in the club gains you access to both groups and folks are encouraged to participate in both, but it recognizes that members who are in the first few decades of their adult lives will have different interests than we who are in the later decades of our life.


I believe that we who are in the retired age group should encourage all of our younger members and welcome them to any and all of our gatherings, while realizing that these are mostly folks of our kids age or below, and understanding that they prefer folks more their own age, just as we do and always did. It is pretty rare to find a discussion related to child rearing or to career paths in the main body of the Escapees today. I do visit the Xscaper site from time to time, but at 73 I realize that I am of a different generation and accept that they may prefer to be with others who have more common interests and I do not take offense in that. It is a very good thing, in my opinion and I welcome them to the overall RV family! :D


Since I do not know what age group you happen to fall into, I welcome you to either or both groups, and I encourage you to participate in both but with emphasis on whichever you feel that you fit into best!

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Thank you all for the responses I guess I should of included some information about myself in my question but didn't know that that was the main difference in the question I was asking, lol. Anyway I am still working in my career but in my late fifty's and looking at retirement in the next 5 to 7 years. my wife just turned 55 this year and we are officially empty nesters as of about a year ago. We have always camped and I grew up in a camping family. It was always my dream when I retire to do so in an RV of some type and my wife shares my dream with me as she enjoys the travel and adventure. Since we were married we progressed from a sears tent that I was camping in through 2 different pop ups then on to 5th wheels. We are on our 3rd 5th wheel now a heartland elkridge. We spend about 5 to 6 weeks a year camping at present, sometimes a couple weeks at a time to just a couple days others. From what I gathered from Kirks explanation we fall into the Xscapers category but maybe bleeding into the escapees some too may even be about half and half since empty nesters. Our main goal is to get as much information as we can before we become full timers even though we are seasoned campers there is so much unknown about the full time part of it. it looks to me like the escapees is where to find it. when camping I always try to talk to different people that obviously live in their campers to gain more information and mostly have been welcomed with tons of information only ran into a couple of folks over the years that appeared to not be happy with their decision. thanks again and looking forward to years of learning.

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. Anyway I am still working in my career but in my late fifty's and looking at retirement in the next 5 to 7 years. my wife just turned 55 this year and we are officially empty nesters as of about a year ago.

You may be part of the "bridge" group of members. Kind of in transition between the two groups. Might be good to participate in both groups.

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