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HDT registered as Motor home in Maryland?


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Anybody have luck registering a HDT as a motor home in Md. I've read all that I can, and about Red rover having issues. How successful have you been, and how much did it cost you? I see some people go to a state like Montana and form a LLC to register their 5th wheel, and HDT. I'll be moving to Md. to retire, and don't like the cost of new duallys, and used ones ahave usually been used commercially. I can get a good used HDT, and still keep my 01 Dodge 2500 cummins. That way I don't need to worry about pin weight, or GVWR. The 5th wheel that I want is 16k gvwr, am I looking at this wrong?

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Maryland doesn't care who owns a vehicle (LLC). If a vehicle is "garaged" (kept in the state) it needs to be licensed in Maryland.


There are a couple of HDTs that are licensed as motorhomes by only going to the licensing department with paperwork only. That is good until a Maryland enforcement officer gets involved.


As a motorhome, you still need a exempt CDL license and that can be the challenge because you can't use your "motorhome" to get one. That is where a Maryland enforcement officer is involved.


Having escaped the Communist Republic of Maryland, why would you want to retire to the land of high taxes?

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I'm selling my house, and business in Delaware for a lot less than needed to retire comfortably. I have a double wide that I moved to a lot that I own in Md., and there won't be any mortgage. If I sell that to stay in De. I'll still need to work to pay the difference in a 100k + mortgage.

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For what it is worth I registered my HDT in De. from Ohio, in Ohio the previous owner had it as a motorhome and De. honored it and tagged it as a rv. This info is incase you stay in De. good luck




Have you bought a hdt yet ? Maybe look for a truck that already has a motorhome title. Find out from Maryland if the title from another state would transfer to a Maryland title. My truck came from Delaware and was transferred to an Ohio title with no problem. This is just an idea to help make your dream come true.


Good luck,


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Getting the drivers license is the challenge. The tester will not accept an HDT as a motorhome.


If he has, or is able to upgrade to an Exempt license in his current state, he might get away with it. Most states seem to be willing to issue their class of license that is equivalent to whatever class of license the operator is surrendering (assuming that they offer an equivalent class) when changing domicile, and Maryland may, too. If his current state doesn't offer an Exempt license equivalent to what Maryland will require, or if he's unable to obtain one before he leaves that state, then the inability to test will be a deal breaker for him.


I could have obtained an Exempt Class A license from Texas when I "moved" here if I'd had one from Pennsylvania, but I was operating out of classification (neither the Kenworth nor I entered Pennsylvania during the brief time that it was registered there), so I was issued a Class C license and had to test for the upgraded license.




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So can someone rent a diesel pusher for just the test?


That probably won't do it, Stekay. Here in Texas, for example (and many, if not most states that require upgraded licensing), a DP by itself requires an Exempt or Commercial Class B license (vehicle over 26,000# GVWR). An HDT/Fifth Wheel combination requires an Exempt or Commercial Class A (combination over 26,000# GVWR, which includes a trailer with a GVWR of 10,000# or more). The only way that a DP requires or qualifies the operator for a Class A license is if it's towing a trailer of 10,000# GVWR or more. Some people do indeed have rigs like that, but the chances of being able to rent a DP/large trailer combo for a driving test are mighty slim.

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