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New Service location in Iowa


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Planned on using my usual service provider but found a High School classmate has a shop just down the block from my brothers Tire Shop. Much easier to drop the truck off there and pick it up with just a block to walk back.


Had the oil changed, lubrication done and a general "look see" found my clutch brake at 75% wear mark. Will ask how long that will last with my typical use. Had the thermostats checked. Truck hardly ever gets to temperature on the water. Usually just reads "low". Oil temp is up around 190 and I guess that's the most important temp. Also asked for the "Boost Sensor" to be changed but they found it didn't need to be changed. Haven't asked exactly what that means yet. They also were supposed to take out all the limits on the computer. Hopefully I won't need to find out if they did, but maybe. Will need to stop by this weekend to pay for the service and ask those questions.


Shop is in Oskaloosa, IA. will post an address so it can be put into the guide after I get the questions answered.


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