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The one that provides YOU with the most comfort and confidence within your budget. I don't mean that to be sarcastic; it really does depend on your own needs. Can you tell us what those are? How big a family? What type of traveling? Budget available?


Linda Sand

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This is rather like asking "which brand of car is the best?" RV's come in a very wide range of both price and quality and while a high price doesn't always mean quality, a very low price is a pretty good indication that the RV is to the lower side of quality. That said, all of us have our favorites and most of us also have some brands that we consider to be junk, or close to it. I'll give a few brands which I happen to like, but I only name brands that I consider to be junk via a private note since doing so will always step on the toes of those who own them.


Brands or trailers that I would consider, DRV, Hitchhiker, Carriage, New Horizons, Teton, (some of these are no longer available new)

Brands of motorhome in a class A that I'd consider, Tiffin, Newmar, Winnebago/Itasca, Holiday Rambler/Monaco,

Brands of motorhomes in a class C that I'd consider, Lazy Days, Born Free,


Of course a big part of the question is also if you are thinking of new, or used since some of the best are no longer being built new but are around used. In any used RV, condition and history are everything since no RV is so well built that it can't be damaged by misuse and abuse and no RV is so badly built that there are not some used ones whose owners repaired all problems and even improved upon the original design.


For a buyer who is not well experienced in RV manufacturers, a very good way to get started is by joining the materials from the RV Consume Group and even better to join and get all of the educational materials that they offer. Also if buying used it is always good to first use a good check list to make your own inspection, and then to use a professional RV inspector or your own mechanic and RV tech.

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You got good answers for your general question. If you plan to keep your camper long time I would buy the best, which will be the highest cost also. If you are one to trade it like a car then buy cheaper. But then the argument could be buy high and sell for good price and change out every so years. We intend to keep our Teton. It is built well enough that it could last us. It is a 2003 and a better unit than 90% of what can be bought today. As what is mass production I would put it above anything on current market. To get this quality new you will have to look at New Horizons, Forks RV, Space Craft. All these are custom build.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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