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Best Route 101 to I-5


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Do not, under any circumstances, take CA 36 to Red Bluff. It is considered one of the premier motorcycle routes in the country. We rode it a couple years ago. I'm not sure I would even want to drive it in a car. My arms would be worn out from turning the steering wheel.


On Edit: Based on some of the following comments it seems 299 might work for you.

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You are going to pull a 36 ft fiver down the 101?. You're braver than me....lol


Perhaps you're thinking about CA-1. US-101 should be no problem at all.


We've taken CA-299 between Eureka and Redding and found it to be a scenic two-lane road. Some people don't like it, but we found it to be no problem.

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Agree with LindaH. We've pulled a rig almost identical to the OP and had no trouble at all on the 101. We've also taken the 299 a couple of times. It is a scenic drive. It will require you to pay attention to your driving but is completely doable. Take your time and enjoy the drive.


We've also taken the 199 from Crescent City, CA to Grants Pass, OR. It is a two lane route but again is very doable. Again it does require you to pay close attention to your driving but is a very scenic drive. Enjoy your trip. Dennis

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101 is no problem but don't think about doing california 1 in any RV. That is a big problem.


We went Redding to Arcata and then north up 101 all the way to Port Angeles. No problems but Washington 101 can get boring because you are usually so far from the ocean. Oregon is spectacular, particularly from CA up to Astoria.


We took 299 over to the Arcata area. 101 cuts inland south of Eureka. It's about a 3 hr drive, maybe a bit more in an RV.


We are 67' overall, tow with an HDT and length is not an issue. Full semi trucks use that route.

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Thanks for feedback. The plan is to take 101 south. I wont take CA1/PCH. Did it once southbound in a 29' class c with a toad and that was a trip to remember. I think 299 sounds good. I couldn't remember whether it was 36 or 299 that was the white knuckle route.

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