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GM bus vs MCI vs Eagle ect.


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I know the '93 MCI I had was pretty much all stainless steel. The floors in the basement were aluminum riveted to the stainless.

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This is a quote from mcibustalk.com My experience in viewing various bus forums, is that any bus will rust. Especially if it came from the northern states where they use salt. Just make sure you buy one from a drier climate. We have had several 4104's for sale over on our Facebook group page, Bus Conversions International. They are a good coach at 35'.


MCI's are mostly stainless steel skin and framing from the passenger floor down. the actual floor of the bus bays is aluminium. The engine framing is stainless. I think on the late MC-s, the 5C and the 9, the framing behind the front skin is stainless. The framing above the passenger floor is mild steel, the skin on mine is aluminium, the roof framing is mild steel and the roof is aluminium.

That's based on me looking at my bus, anyway.


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