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This is probably the wrong place to ask - but there are several different RV education rally's - Escapade, RV-Dreamers, iRV2, and probably more. Clearly, everyone hear will vote Escapade (no surprise there!), but really, what makes one better than the other?

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What they are teaching, some are targeted at the weekend and vacation camper, some are targeted at folks that take every problem to the shop. You'll have to look at just what is covered at each and at how good the instructors are to make up your mind.


Many years ago we joined Good Sam and attended a few of their rallies hoping to get educated but we really didn't get a lot that applied to us living in our RV full time. The Escapees rally had a different mix of classes and what we thought was a better set of instructors and we learned a lot more that applied to us there.


Now you can also do an Escapees Boot Camp to get you up to speed on the basics as well as getting a more in-depth education at the seminars at the Escapade which makes it even better. I know I saved a pile of money by learning what worked and what was a salesman pushing something to make his next car payment. I also ignored a couple folks (weight and towing seminars) thinking I knew better, they were nice enough not to laugh at me when I had to admit that I'd ignored them and cost myself a pile of money when the truck I bought wouldn't do the job other campers had assured me it would do and the factory numbers also said it would be fine too.

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Welcome to the Escapees. Since I responded to your same question in the other thread, I'll simply repeat it here as well. :)



I would base my choice upon the fact that of the three you are considering, Escapee's is the only host that supplies a support system for those who are full-time RV travelers. You may also want to consider how long each has been doing rallies, Escapees by far. Or consider which organization is the largest and has the most members living the full-time RV lifestyle. All would point you to the Escapade.


That said, I have never attended either of the other two, but based upon observation of both of them since they first came into existence, I probably won't be changing that plan any time soon. RV-Dreams is by far the one with the least history and IRV2 is basically just a gathering for members from the forum, which is pretty much a mix of all RV lifestyles. They are a good forum, but I'd be pretty surprised if they offer even close to the amount of seminar choices and activities. Take a look at what Escapade has to offer in the program, as the main problem is choosing what you wish to attend when there are two things at the same time. I think that you would also be wise to consider attending the RV Boot Camp, in the days immediately preceding the Escapade. To give some idea, last March in Tucson Escapade had more than 900 RV's attending.


But the question remains, is there some reason that you can only attend one of the three you mention? There are several others around and they may be even more attractive than some of those you are considering. Good Sam National Rally FMCA Rally

Passport America Rally Go Camping Rally guide RV brand rallies Just to give you a few ideas. As much as I consider the Escapade to be by far the best rally that we have taken part in, there are literally hundreds of possible rally choices.

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Thanks Kirk! I appreciate your input and from reading your responses on these forums, I know you know what you are talking about! Your answer makes the most sense - I was not aware of the history, nor the content of the others. I have been reading the seminar list and we plan on attending both the escapade and the boot camp - I just wish it wasn't so far. We do not have an RV yet, but as the information clearly points out, no RV is required, so we will rent one!

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