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Military Base Parks


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As far as I know....... as long as you have a military (arm services) ID card...... you can. Now there is a few camps that let non ID card holders in.... Need to call ahead to see. Should find a base/post rec. (activity) center could help you. IN the old days...... only ID card holders could use camps. Call ahead....Good luck OU812

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I don't know of any military camps that a service member stationed at the base can't sign for parents to stay in their campground. We have done this numerous times at the duty stations of our sons while visiting them. The key is to have your son-in-law check with the base campground office to be sure, but I'd bet you can stay there as his guest. In that way the host who signs you in is responsible if you should cause any problems or violate their rules.


If the campground is inside of the base, he will also have to sign for you to get a guest pass to access the park via the base gate.

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I know some training bases (USAFA is one) allow parents to stay during graduation week. Here is an excerpt from the FAQ section of the US military site cited above.



Can guests use military campgrounds?

Some military campgrounds do allow "sponsored guests". When allowed, your guest is allowed to stay in the campground with their own RV. Rules vary for allowing guests, and guests usually pay more than the military rate. It's best to check directly with the military campground(s) you're interested in to find out any special rules for guests.




Another excerpt from the FAQs;


What is the guest policy and/or occupancy limit per RV site?

This varies by installation. Some military campgrounds don't allow sponsored guests at all. Some allow guests only during the slow seasons.

The occupancy limit per RV site for each location isn't known or published on the website.

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If you are a federal government retiree, some military rv parks will let you stay. Some only during the off season, some all the time, some not at all. He-Who-Drives-the-Tow-Vehicle is a DOD retiree and we were able to stay at the Fort Meade rv park. Excellent park and a lot cheaper than the commercial campgrounds in the DC area.

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