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We Got our phones free! Thanks Verizon!


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Last time I posted I had switched from Straight Talk (ST) with my Nokia Lumia 822 LTE phone because the Verizon prepaid was as inexpensive as Straight talk but faster. Remember amounts of data are not an issue as I have yet to use even 1 GB of the two I had. My wife was still with ST using a Samsung Android phone.


I read where the Verizon plan no contract billable as opposed to prepaid (I see no distinction but they do) was 45 bucks and 20 bucks per device. We were paying 45 plus 45 and taxes for each of us totaling $90 plus taxes and fees. And I had a three year old 4g LTE phone running Windows 8.1 Denim with Cortana etc. and she had a 50 dollar ST phone.


We went in and asked about the Lumia 735s. To make a long story short, we traded in our old phones, and we got 8 bucks more than the Lumias cost. Since my wife was porting a number form another provider they gave us another $100 off our bills which we will see in 2-3 months. I imagine that is to prevent folks from coming over for free service then quitting, as there are no contracts in Verizon anymore.


So we walked out with our two new phones free, and nothing down, and no paper bills all email.


Granted it is not cheaper for one person as it would then be 45 plus 20 for $65 a month. But we save five bucks a months and get new current phones with 128GB SDXC micro card slots and quad core processors?


Now that is a no brainer. And all my apps and settings were automatically transferred to my new phone. Even my email was set up!


We are some happy campers saving almost 50 bucks on Cable and five bucks on 4G LTE services, and got two new very nice Lumia 735s free!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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