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LED Hug Lights for dog walks at O:dark thirty


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When we first started camping a friend of mine used the old Black and Decker snake light around her neck when she would go walking at night. We bought one and loved the flexibility of a cordless free standing light around the rig in addition to evening walks. The proprietary rechargeable batteries finally gave out so we started using the little LED flashlights with low beam, high beam and the flasher mode. Only used the flasher once when a neighbors dog got out on a moonless night and used it to get drivers attention flashing it on the dog.


I walk with a walking stick after I was charged by a couple of dogs in an RV park at the beginning of this summer so my hands are full with dog leash and walking stick.


Was at Costco yesterday and got one of these "hug lights" http://www.amazon.com/Reading-Light-Huglight-Black-Modes/dp/B00CP2AA42



Just used it this morning to walk my dog at 5 am. Loved it. Very bright light even on low mode and very light weight around the neck. The arms are flexible to adjust easily. My friend bought one for her crafting.

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Can you aim the lights? I've been thinking about a light that you can wear around your head for the very same reason as you. I'd want a light that I could aim, though, to make it easier to pick up poop, and to keep an eye out for critters that may be lurking around thinking one of our dogs would make a tasty snack.

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Yes you can aim the lights and it comes with three powers; low, medium, high and red. The low was fine and a pretty wide angle; perfect for picking up poo and wide enough to watch for critters on the side. It is light weight around the neck.

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If not in stock have the Costco customer service folks look them up as they may be in a nearby store or due in soon. We do that a lot when something we want is out of stock and they give us a list of how many of the item are at which store or the date they are arriving.

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