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Anyone have this problem? When I search the forums for a topic (for example 'replacing awning') I get a few posts. Then I click on one to read it and when finished i want to go back to the list of the posts I just found. Instead when i hit the back button I get a page that says my search words were less than 3 characters?? And I have to search all over to get the same list again. If i do it too quickly it says flood control is in place and i have to wait to search again. I just want to read each post initially found What am I doing wrong?

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What really works well for me is to use Google to search the forums, it seems to do a lot better job than the forum search tool. Just put in your search like you normally would but then add the site option to restrict the Google results to ones from here.


site:rvnetwork.com "replacing awning"


gets you this:



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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