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Trident marine VAC hose removal tips?


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I used trident marine VAC XHD hose to plumb my water purification system in and now I'm trying to integrate a water softener tank. For the life of me, I can''t seem to get the hose off of any of the brass plumbing adapters. They won't even rotate on the adapter let alone disconnect. They went on easily enough with nothing special applied and have been double clamped for the past three years, but now they just won't budge.


Does anyone know of any tips or tricks (short of cutting them off) to loosen them up? It's not cheap stuff and I would like to re-use it. I tried a little food grade oil, but no dice. I thought of applying heat, but I haven't yet out of fear of doing damage to some of the plastic inlet/outlet ports.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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